About Us

Lowered Rates was founded in 2020 with a singular goal: Help consumers save on insurance premiums

With so much information out there on how to save money on different insurance products, it starts to get confusing – real fast. Lowered Rates makes it easy to shop for insurance by providing the tools to empower users to get multiple FREE quotes, quickly.

By getting multiple quotes delivered to them, consumers are able to make informed decisions. It’s one of the best ways to get quality, affordable insurance coverage. Before Lowered Rates, getting multiple quotes used to mean hours of research, multiple applications and long hold times. It also raised a lot of questions. Do you have the right coverage? Who offers insurance in your local area? Are you well protected? Are you paying too much?

With Lowered Rates, we make it easy – and fun – to get multiple insurance quotes. Simply fill out a quick application and get free quotes. It’s that easy!

Our Numbers


Consumers helped. We help shoppers in all 50 states find insurance


Insurance agency Partners. Get quotes from insurance companies that fit your needs


Million saved on premiums. We’ve protected thousands of families at a price they can afford

The Lowered Rates Dream Team

At LoweredRates we're not just a team, we're a family. Having a veteran team coupled with deep industry experience is how we rock it for our users.

Core Values

We combine insurance with cutting edge technology to empower our users

Save with Us!

Our easy-to-use tool lets you get free quotes from premium providers, quickly.

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