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  • High Intent Buyers

    We generate all leads from our own internal websites to ensure the highest quality

  • Native Integrations

    Fully Integrated with TrustedForm, ZeroBounce, LeadiD/Jornaya, and other 3rd party APIs.

  • Control Your Traffic

    Select your traffic type, geographic location, filters, quantity, delivery method and other filters

  • Name Your Price

    Set your price and bid on the sales opportunities you want to receive. Set caps to manage volume. Agent-friendly credit policy available.

  • Qualified Prospects

    Qualified prospects based on your filters are delivered to your agency ready for a quote for most insurance products

How It Works

Connect Instantly with Qualified Insurance Shoppers

Our goal is to streamline your customer acquisition process and grow your bottom line. Qualified prospects are instantly delivered to your agency ready for a quote.

At Lowered Rates, we’re focused on delivering targeted, high-intent traffic. We generate our prospects from our own internally operated website:

20,000 consumers per month visit our websites looking to receive a quote for home, health, auto, life, or pet insurance. We qualify these prospects, confirm they have a genuine interest and connect them to lead buyers that are looking for their exact client profile.

We process over 20,000 quote requests every month looking for agents like you.

Here's how it works

  • We Generate High-Intent Prospects on Our Internal Websites

    We identify highly interested prospects while they are shopping online for insurance and drive them to our owned and operated insurance comparison websites.

  • We Pre-Qualify the Leads for Maximum Quality

    Our optimized lead generation websites are created to screen prospects by having them fill out an extensive 20+ question application to determine their relevance. The questions we ask are based on important factors that matter most to insurance carriers - including current contact and coverage information. This vetting process ensures the leads we generate are highly qualified and close at a high rate.

  • Our 3rd Party Tools Verify Relevancy, Certify TCPA, and Stamp

    100% of our leads have specifically requested an insurance quote for auto, home, life, healthcare, or a mixture of all. All leads acknowledge and accept our TCPA terms before they submit a request for a quote. Within seconds of processing the request, the prospect’s details are screened and verified for accuracy by TrustedForm, Zerobounce, and RealPhoneValidation.

  • We Deliver You Real-Time Prospects in Seconds

    If the verified and authenticated prospect matches your account criteria, we deliver them to you within seconds of the quote request. We match insurance customers with the best conversion channel and forward you their application via lead, call, or direct POST.

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Founded by a team of insurance, marketing and technology experts, LoweredRates focuses on delivering measurable results and exceptional service.

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We deliver hot prospects to your sales team in real time. The best part? We only get compensated when we're able to deliver real, qualified prospects to you.

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